“My son has been going to Sarah’s Heart since he was three months old. I remember how scared I was to leave him the first time. Almost a year later I can say that I know they have his best interest at heart. I also love that they are supportive of breastfeeding mothers, they even allowed me to visit daily to nurse my son. Something that not every daycare offers. That really made this place the best choice for us and I’m thankful they are helping to raise and mold my child.” — M. Musick 10/18/2016

“Well were do I start. I have two boys C. 7 yrs and C. 2 yrs. I took C. to Sarah’s Heart when he was 7 months old. I chose Sarah’s Heart because it was close to my work at the time. I remember it like yesterday, I cried most of the day, but I remember Maria calling me to tell me he was okay and not to worry! Maria and C. had a special bond and I didn’t have to worry every day about him. I knew he was taken care of there. C. I put in at 5 months old and his bond was with Sabrina and he loved her. Anita and Maria have always been on top of things. Even small things and they are like family! Thanks Sarah’s Heart for helping raise and potty train.” — T. J. Burton 10/20/2016

“I remember first looking for a child care facility. I was paranoid because this was the firs time leaving my son alone with someone else other than family, and I was nervous wreck, especially after hearing all the horror stories. i eventually went to an appointment with Sarah’s Heart, and I know my child would be safe there when I first arrived and realized how serious they took their security measures. They welcomed my son with loving open arms, and have tended to his every need and this mamma’s every worry. They are like family to my son and I, and I couldn’t even imagine placing him elsewhere.” – C. Beaver 10/26/2016