Programs We Offer

Here at Sarah’s Heart we offer a variety of programs, from the earliest of 6 weeks to after school care for 10 years old. Below are our ages that we offer.

 Zoo Crew (6 weeks to 1 year old):

Our Zoo Crew class is ages 6 weeks to 1 year. We attempt to do artwork with the children everyday which includes free drawing, painting our feet, and introducing new sensory activities. Children in this class go by their own schedules. Basic sign language is introduced to the children. Music is also a big part of the class which helps stimulate their brain. The children are working to meet age appropriate goals such as sitting, crawling, rolling over, and holding their own bottle.

Piglets (1 year old to 2 years old):

Our Piglets class is ages 1 year to 2 years. Our class goal is to grow and learn with each other in the most exciting ways possible. I am a huge fan of arts and crafts, so I incorporate that into my daily routine. Many of our activities are hands on and exploring new things to touch and feel. We do daily bible lessons, dance to music, learn new songs, and practice sharing and caring with our friends. You can expect this class to always be fun!

Busy Bees (2 years old to 3 years old):

Our Busy Bees classroom is for children 2 years of age to 3 years. We do many activities in class. We introduce the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, and bible stories. Upon parents request we can introduce potty training for your child. We teach the children basic sign language, manners when they are giving and receiving items. Our goal for the classroom is to have fun and learn. Our plan for your child is to know their alphabet, count to 10, and recognize different colors and shapes.

Spunky Monkeys (3 years old to 4 years old):

The 3-year-old classroom, also referred to as the Spunky Monkeys, is always full of exciting adventures. Every day they are learning and experiencing new things. In this class, we strongly focus on having manners, being nice to their friends, and becoming “big kids.” We introduce a new letter, number, shape, and color every two weeks. We practice recognizing and drawing them throughout those two weeks. Our class is always exploring their imagination through free play, story time, and free art. We introduce the pledge of allegiance to the American flag, Christian Flag, and the Bible every morning to start our day. This age group is highly encouraged to express our own personality that is being developed. Transitioning from diapers to using the bathroom is highly encouraged among this age group. Art work is done every week ranging from coloring, exploring our abilities to use glue, and painting our hands and feet. Children in this class are becoming more independent which is always encouraged and praised.

Preschool/School Age (4 years and up)

The preschool class is all about preparing the young minds to transition into elementary school. The class schedule is based more on a class room setting with time for school work and then time for play. We have a different letter of the week that we practice recognizing, writing, and sounding out. They are taught basic sign language, shape and number recognition, and counting as high as 20. The children learn to recognize their name as well as how to spell and write their name. We do crafts to follow holiday seasons. Fine motor skills are encouraged in this classroom as well as exploring different science experiments. Homework is given to the children three days a week to enhance children’s learning skills beyond the classroom. Each child learns at their own pace and we encourage and praise them as they reach new milestones.

**If your child is not picked up by 6:00 pm there will be a 5-minute grace period. After 5 minutes, you will be charged $25.00. If your child is still at the center 30 minutes after 6 o’clock you will be charged $25.00 and an additional $1.00 for every minute after per child. This will be strongly enforced due to child/staff ratio and licensing regulations.