Our Handbook

Welcome to Sarah’s Heart Childcare and Preschool

On behalf of the staff of Sarah’s Heart Childcare and Preschool, Welcome! We are pleased you have chosen us to share the early years of your child’s life. What an exciting journey lies ahead.

The road will be filled with many joys as you watch your child reach new developmental milestones. There may be times of frustration or uncertainty for you as well. Leaving your child in the care of others is often a very difficult decision. Please remember that we are here as partners in raising your child.

We will love, encourage, and keep them safe while you are away. We enjoy having parents visit as often as their schedule permits, so please come and share your child’s world whenever possible.

This handbook has been designed to help you understand the philosophy, policies, and procedures that guide Sarah’s Heart, and to familiarize you with the routines of your child while you are away. Please read this handbook carefully and keep it in a convenient location for future reference.

Sarah’s Heart Childcare/Preschool 3 Parent Handbook