July 2017 Blogs

Zoo Crew

Happy July!!! During the beginning of the month we will be doing 4th of July crafts. It’s officially summer so we will be trying to get some sunshine outside and summer crafts will also start. We are working with many of the babies on learning how to sit up teaching the younger babies how to grasp and use toys. We welcomed a new baby this month.


Piglets are doing wonderful. We are learning more Sign Language, our sign for the month is “stop”. We clap our hands to songs and love to dance. We will be doing special crafts for the 4th of July.

Busy Bees

This month we are focusing on learning about our bodies we will work on a different part of the body each week. We are spending a lot of time outside weather permitting. We will be taking a week to do Farm related activities the week of Putnam County Fair. Our class will also learn about Independence Day as well. We will be working on counting to 10 and our shapes for the month are Oval and Rectangle.

Spunky Monkeys

     This month we will be working a lot on our social skills and manners (please, thank you, sorry). We will also be working on letters K, L, M, and N as well as numbers 1-4. Our shapes will be square and oval. We are having our 4th of July party Monday July 3rd at 3pm, parents are always welcome.


We will be having a 4th of July party on July 3rd. As always parents are welcome to attend the party with their child. We will be tie dying T-shirts during our party. We are planning an end of Summer Field Day more information coming soon.


Zoo Crew Blog June 2017

This month in the Nursery we are going to be working on Father’s Day crafts.  Everyday we are working with each child on their milestones and helping them to learn more and more each day. We strive to make strong, smart, independent, and loved babies. Our room is full of diversity. We fully accept cloth diapering. We also support breastfeeding, if you are a nursing mother you are welcome to come in and nurse your child anytime.

Preschool Blog Post March 13, 2017

Preschool: This month we will be working on lots of St. Patrick Day crafts. Our numbers for the month are 6,7,8,9,and 10. Color of the month is Green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Our letters this month will be S,T,U,V, and W. Our theme will change weekly Week 1 Rainbows, Week 2 Leprechauns, Week 3 Friendship, and Week 4 Sharing. We will have a St. Patrick Day party on March 17th.

Zoo Crew Blog Post March 13, 2017

Zoo Crew: We have been working very hard on doing at least 3 crafts a week which means we are having some colorful feet. Some of us are working very hard on sitting up and holding are own bottle. We are working on the sign for “Milk”. We have been enjoying the few nice days that we’ve been having. We get to open our door and enjoy some fresh air when it is nice out and can’t wait till its nice out all the time so we can open our door more. We are all doing good and getting so big.